About Us

Hi there! I'm Rorey, the creator of Rorey's Crafted Gifts.
I am a full-time nurse and mother of three. So as a busy woman, I know how hard it is to find the right gift for someone, especially when you're looking for something impactful and creative.

That's why I created Rorey's Crafted Gifts: a boutique gifting service that helps busy people find beautiful, unexpected gifts.

But it is not just me that creates these gift sets. My husband crafts these keepsake boxes himself! So each and every wood gift box is handmade by him in his wood shop. Therefore, each wood box will have its own individual wood grain pattens and characteristics. No two will be the same, making each one special.
I love helping people, finding unique solutions, creative and inspiring things, handcrafted and artisan items, entrepreneurs and hard work. I created this business as a way to harness all of these loves into one exciting thing.
I help customers looking for a creative way to show someone they care. Who are looking for an impactful gift to emphasize their relationship with someone. Something beyond the ordinary.
Life is busy. Often stressful, and it's hard to find the solution of what to give someone to show your appreciation. What starts as a gift search becomes hours of internet scrolling and overanalyzing different options.
I curate gifts to save you time, stress, and effort.

To create custom gifts, I will collaborate with you or your company's needs to craft a gift that will make YOU look good!
So please take a look our store. I hope you enjoy it!

Please reach out with any questions or to create custom gift solutions. I'd love to hear from you.